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What is "Serene Sea" project?

   Marine mammal research, rescue & rehabilitation center "Serene Sea" is an autonomous nonprofit organization based in Russia, uniting marine mammal biologists, veterinarians, ecologists and photographers, aimed to minimize or eliminate the damage caused by humans to the marine environment of the Black sea. The range of our activities include an active marine mammal stranding network, providing rescue and rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals; public inspection of the local fisheries and their influence on marine mammals; scientific research on local populations, their acoustic repertoire and character of migration; creating a stationary marine mammal rehabilitation center in Crimea.

   All the three species of the Black Sea dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus Ponticus, Delphinus Delphis Ponticus, Phocoena Phocoena Relica) are unique endemic species included into the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, two of them are considered to be endangered. Just a few dozen years ago these animals have been massively killed: according to rough estimates, more than 6,5 million dolphins were killed by the Black sea countries. Nowadays they are protected by international conventions, but, unfortunately, these animals appear to be in danger. 

   We fixed more than 640 dead marine mammals during the field seasons of 2017-2018, 25 animals standed alive.
  We and our volunteers are the only rescue team on the whole peninsula to provide medical treatment and care to these animals in trouble.

  We do not receive government support, all the activities are carried out at our own expense.  

   Everyone can make his personal contribution to the preservation of the Black Sea and its marine mammals. You can contribute any sum to our project and get exclusive materials from our field-working team as a reward for your help. Soon we're going to offer material compensation for your contribution, too (such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.)

Let us remind you that the Black Sea dolphins are unique endemic species confined to one location only! They have a number of differences from other dolphin species and subspecies, so the materials we receive from them are also unique.

Here's the list of electronic bonuses for our sponsors:


 •  Bonuses for $4-6: you will get 5 full-sized photos for desktop and 3 whistle ringtones from bottlenose dolphins. 

 •  Bonuses for $7-9: you will get a gallery of 10 full-sized photos for desktop, 4 whistle ringtones (3 from bottlenose dolphins, 1 from White sea belugas) and an electronic certificate with your name for the contribution into studies and protection of marine mammals of the Black Sea. 

   Bonuses for $10-18: you will get a gallery of 15 best photos for desktop, 6 whistle ringtones (3 from bottlenose dolphins, 1 from common dolphins and 2 from White sea belugas), an electronic certificate with your name and 3 videos from our archive. By the way, there are not many underwater videos with the Black Sea dolphins because most of them treat humans with caution. 

 •  Bonuses for the $19-27: you will get the access to the full archive of our best photos of the Black Sea dolphins made in 2014-2017, as well as 6 whistle ringtones (bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and belugas), an electronic certificate with your name and 4 videos. 

   Bonuses for $28-36: we will send you a unique recording made in the Black sea at night; you will hear the night conversations between bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and even fish and see these signals in the spectrum analysis. Moreover, you will get a large archive of our best photos made in 2014-2017 and an electronic certificate with your name. Yout name will also appear on our website as a full-fledged sponsor.

 •  Anyone who donates more than $90 will be able to adopt a wild dolphin identified in our base and monitor its life. As we meet your dolphin in the sea, we will contact you informing about its life, send you photos and videos with it. All of the above awards are also included.

 All of the awards are sent to sponsors via email. 


   We will be eternally grateful to you for any financial or informational support!    

   Our Paypal: flamesofherostratus@gmail.com   

   Contact us for any help: sereneseadolphins@gmail.com


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